Kathy Ireland: World’s Richest Supermodel

Who is now the World’sRichest Supermodel?
Well here is the answer; Kathy Ireland is more than just a pretty face. The SportsIllustrated swimsuit edition bikini babe has become the business woman and has freshlybeen named the world's richest supermodel, this according to Celebrity Networth.

The 48-year-oldIreland is now worth almost $350 million. This is because she has her diversebusiness interests which include designing and licensing products such asfurniture, rugs and flooring. In the course, Kathy Ireland Worldwide has settleda $2 billion business.

Talking about theIreland's business, In terms of net worth, she has also crossed the Giselle Bundchen ($250million) and CindyCrawford ($100 million).

It’s better forsomeone who has barely graduated high school.